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When people re-enter society after serving a prison sentence, they face a multitude of lifelong barriers that prohibit them from being successful. Social systems intended to provide assistance are erroneously

designed and difficult to navigate. Many laws and policies present double standards that prevent people with records from qualifying for services. In order for people with records to have a successful and sustainable life, including opportunities for career growth, systemic change must be implemented by our legislators and policymakers.

JFF’s CJEA-Amplifier Art Advocacy campaign is sub-campaign of the Center’s Normalizing Opportunity campaign, which advocates for systemic reform to ensure that the more than 70 million people in America who have an arrest or conviction record have equitable access to quality jobs that align with the skills, talents, and aspirations, and lead to economic advancement.

Rooted in CJEA’s Normalizing Opportunity policy framework and curated in collaboration with Amplifier, this campaign includes original artwork by legendary artist Brandan “BMike” Odums and poetry by acclaimed writer, Jazmine Williams, and features icons Susan Burton, John Gargano, and Mac Phipps who have showcased the limitless possibilities of people impacted by the legal system when we remove barriers and open opportunity.

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